Nature Based Crafts


Today we went on a long walk “strollering” on the Joe Rodota Trail. We collected some dried, red, “bottle brush” flowers, and yellow and orange leaves to make pine cone owls with the afterschool care kids tomorrow.

Here is where we hung out after our walk.  It is the lovely reading corner at my daycare.  I love the way it turned out.  So colorful and the kids love to select books from the shelves and curl up with the book in the lounging area.


Reading Area at Robin's Nest Daycare



About foybringsjoyescritor

Robin: I am happily running my family in-home daycare. I retired from a long and fulfilling career in early childhood education, special education and working with physically handicapped children. I am also credentialed as a resource specialist and have a Multi-subject Credential (grade school teacher.) My philosophy is that children thrive in a safe and clean environment. I offer a parent and child sensitive curriculum. My program is flexible and responsive to parental input. In the setting of structure and consistency, children in my home learn through play and art. There are peaceful afternoon walks, educational toys, and healthy foods. My home has been recreated into a preschool with environmentally-friendly paint and antimicrobial flooring. It is a happy place for children to learn through play! Colleen (foybringsjoyescritor): I love to write and am currently helping women and non-profits to get the word out about their fantastic programs and projects.

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